Wood Problems Solved with Seal-Once Waterproofers

The staining industry has always faced a number of problems stemming from the use of petroleum chemical-based semi-transparent stains. Using eco-friendly Seal-Once waterbased formulas solves these problems:

  • Eliminates costly re-applications every one to two years. Current stains are high maintenance requiring frequent re-application, and results are the same regardless of products sold.
  • Eliminates the decision to replace current wood with composite decking or even more costly wood, such as IPE or other hardwoods which present their own sealing problems.
  • Eliminates odor and cancer-causing toxic chemicals in current semi-transparent stains. No off-gassing VOCs.
  • Eliminates long curing times.
  • Eliminates the need for different products, such as one for decks, one for fences and siding, etc.
  • Eliminates streaking and lap marks during application.
  • Eliminates safety requirements during application, such as wearing protective clothing, facemask or covering up vegetation.
  • Eliminates the absorption of water into wood surfaces which causes mold and mildew, cracking and splitting.
  • Eliminates high replacement costs from damage due to water absorption. Boards can rot, stains can fade and sealers can fail — leaving an unsightly mess.
  • Eliminates damaging effects from the sun which break down the lining in wood, causing it to turn gray.
  • Eliminates discoloration when applying a clear stain or sealer.
  • Eliminates fire hazards posed by storing chemical-soaked rags used in application and clean-up.