• “Seal-Once outperforms all other products without the safety risks. We have sold Seal-Once to our customers for two years with very positive results.” – Paul Gelinas, Store Manager, Corriveau-Routhier


Premium Concentrated All Wood Cleaner / Enhancer

oxypowerSeal-Once™ Eco-friendly All Wood Cleaner revolutionary 3-in-1 concentrated formula penetrates deeply to loosen dirt for easy cleaning. Combines brighteners to remove unsightly wood discoloration while easily and safely removing mold and mildew stains and dirt. Extraordinary cleaning power without harsh chemicals.

Recommended to deep clean and prepare surfaces prior to applying any waterproofing or sealing product, staining or painting.

Uses: Decks, Shingle Siding and Roofing, Fencing, Log Cabins,
Outdoor Furniture, Play Sets, Docks;

Safe for Exotic Wood (Tiger Deck, IPE), Mahogany, Cedar, Teak,
Fir, Bamboo, Pine, Pressure Treated and Composite Decking

Safe to use on buildings with metal roofs, aluminum and vinyl siding and aluminum-clad windows.

No. 9101 • NET WT. 2 LBS. (32 oz.) (907g)

  • cleangreensafePrepares surface for sealing/staining
  • Cleans up to 800 sq. ft.
  • Free of chlorine, bleach, phosphates
  • Environmentally safe/biodegradable
  • Use around plants, grass or shrubs
  • 100% Money back guarantee

Wood Cleaner

Cleans 600-800 square feet per container, prepared as directed.
Do not use to clean or remove recurring mold and mildew from wood tinted with Seal-Once. It is best to use a mixture of one gallon of water, 14 oz. of household bleach and one ounce of Dawn® dish washing detergent.
  • Add ½ cup of powder per gallon of water stirring frequently to dissolve particles.
  • Apply to dry surfaces with garden sprayer.
  • Allow 30 minutes before rinsing with pressure washer.
  • Do not apply in direct sunlight or hot surfaces.
  • For best results keep surface wet after applying cleaner.
  • If the surface becomes dry, mist with water to reactivate cleaner.
Safe to use on buildings with metal roofs, aluminum and vinyl siding and aluminum-clad windows.

Do not store mixed product in a sealed container, due to pressure build up. Avoid eye and prolonged skin contact. Keep out of reach of children and pets. Do not ingest.

If swallowed drink plenty of water to dilute and seek medical attention.

Contains Sodium Percarbonate
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