The Story Behind Seal Oncefence2

Necessity is the Mother of Invention

Have you ever dropped a small object in a place that is simply unreachable? Perhaps after a few minutes of aggravation, and skinned knuckles, you locate a yard stick, wrap one end carefully in duct tape — sticky side out — and retrieve the prized possession! That is a real illustration of the saying “necessity is the mother of invention.” We’re surrounded by inventions and ingenious solutions that have their roots in that saying… 

The Seal-Once story is our personal example:

RICHARDSON, TEXAS — SPRING 1989 — Mike Cork, a polymer chemist, contracted with a builder to install a cedar stockade fence around his home. Cedar was his wood of choice because as it ages it naturally develops a rich, gray shade without the environmental shortcomings and maintenance problems of chemical-based stains and paint. As fate would have it, Mike was away on business when the job was started and finished. Upon return, he discovered the contractor had installed a white pine fence rather than the cedar.

So there was Mike, with a fully installed (now free) white pine fence that he knew needed to be treated if there was any hope of it surviving the Texas climate. Faced with this predicament, he went to his lab to find a solution.

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