How Seal Once Waterproofing Sealers Work

High-performance, Toxin-free, Water-based

Seal-Once is a high-performance toxin-free water-based sealer that exceeds current and future eco-requirements. By incorporating sub-micron particles a unique lattice work is formed allowing the product to sink deep below the surface. As it cures it forms an interior film that prevents water from infiltrating through the surface. The same effect occurs in concrete and masonry with the forming of a flexible polymer film. Seal-Once uses a blend of polymers designed to move with a wood’s natural expansion/contraction cycles. Typical water seal products form a waxy film on the surface that will wear off in a short amount of time especially on wood decks. The Seal-Once effective finish life is 6 years on horizontal surfaces, and up to 10 years on vertical surfaces.

Protects Surfaces up to 10 Years