Awed By Your Product — Maintains Natural Redwood Beauty

Architect is “awed by product” Seal-Once for preserving and maintaining natural redwood beauty and finish.

DeWolff LogoYou have not asked me nor have I asked you if I could submit this testimonial. I have a national and international practice in healthcare and museum architecture. My website follows so that anyone who views it will understand that I am qualified to make comments on a product.

With forty years of designing large and small projects it is without a doubt that I have a passion for residential design and small commercial projects. I have utilized redwood and cedar for many of them. Over the years I created treatments for redwood that the redwood association has contacted me on.

There are many methods but it is the sealer that is the most critical. I researched all of the top brands for years and found one that after a year of exposure does bring back the fawn beige of slightly weathered redwood. 

However, the disadvantage was that it turned the wood very dark for the first year and a half and also left an unnatural sheen to the surface for the same period of time.  The sealer only lasted about 4 years in harsh climates. Three years ago by accident I discovered your “Seal-Once”.

I was absolutely shocked that when I applied it, it absorbed very deep into the cells of the wood and did not turn the wood dark. When dry, it left absolutely no sheen or gloss. I had cleaned the wood to the natural redwood with my method and applied Seal-Once. It has maintained the color after three years, and it still exhibits the original natural redwood with just a little bit of weathered fawn beige. People stop often to ask how I keep the redwood so natural. The one surprise that your customers should know is that when it rains hard the wood will turn dark with splotches due to uneven fibers of the surface but it lasts only a few hours of drying time and then it becomes dry and returns to its beautiful natural color.

Mr. Croteau, I can tell you that I am awed by your product and I feel everyone should take advantage of your product if they love wood as much as I do as an architect and want less costly maintenance.

Thank you for introducing this wonderful product finally.

Bud Dewolff, President | Dewolff Partnership Architects, LLP
Rochester, NY |

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