Pre-Mixed Tinted Samples

tints_overviewpremixSeal-Once™ Premixed tinted samples are available for purchase in 4 oz. bottles. The tint has already been mixed with Seal-Once waterproofer and comes ready to apply. Premixed samples are useful for seeing what the final look of the coated surface will be. Each tint will have a slightly different appearance depending on the color of the material to be coated and the degree of how light and dark each color is. It will also largely depend on how much tinted Seal-Once is applied. The premixed samples were created as a way to test what each tint color will look like on each particular type of material. Premixed samples are available for each tint color. Contact us to order. Premixed sample bottles are also available for all Poly Blend tint formulations. The tint has already been mixed with the Poly Blend product.


  • Assurance of knowing what the final look of the coated surface will be, to see how each tint color will affect each particular type of surface, to see how well each tint color will blend with the color of the material to be coated

Click to view the SEAL-ONCE WATERPROOFER Tint Chart
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  • Shake bottle vigorously until all the tint has been reconstituted in the Seal-Once.
  • Do not dilute. Apply two coats wet-on-damp. Multiple coats may be necessary to produce a rich color if the surface is porous. Use a brush. Allow 24 hours before testing.
Clean equipment and brushes with warm, soapy water. Store unused product above 32°F, protect from freezing.

Minor Irritant to eyes, skin, inhalation, and ingestion. If splashed onto eyes, rinse with plenty of water for 15 minutes. If inhalation irritates mucous membranes remove to fresh air. If contact with skin occurs, wash with soap and water. If accidentally ingested, seek medical attention.

(Sanding or removal of paint containing lead may be hazardous. Call 1-800-424-LEAD for details, visit

Manufacturer’s responsibility is limited to the purchase price of this product.