• "New Image Coatings Total Wood Cleaner removed 10 years of mildew build-up from from red cedar shingles. The product worked as advertised without harming the landscaping." – Steve Oransky, Five Star Painting
  • "Seal-Once outperforms all other products without the safety risks. We have sold Seal-Once to our customers for two years with very positive results." – Paul Gelinas, Store Manager, Corriveau-Routhier

  • "Seal-Once has stopped rain and moisture from penetrating the brick and mortar on our Circa 1750 brick home for 3 years; we have not had any mold or mildew issues whatsoever." – Alice & Bruce Rogers, Easton, Maryland

  • "Award winning Studio 804 entrusts Seal-Once to preserve the natural beauty of our exotic hardwood… also for the eco-friendly aspect." – U. Kansas School of Architecture & Urban Planning

  • "It was child's play to apply Seal-Once to our 1,200 sq/ft mahogany deck. Unlike previous sealers we used, I am sure it will be a long time before we need to reapply. We are sold on this eco-friendy product." — Jeff Lavoie, NH Homeowner

Concrete Waterproofing

Seal-Once™ Concrete Masonry Waterproofing

Seal Once Eco Friendly Masonry Brick Concrete Waterproof Sealantprotects up to 10 yearsSeal-Once™ Waterproofing Concrete and Masonry Protector is formulated for interior/exterior use on properly prepared concrete and masonry surfaces, including green concrete.

Uses: Walkways, Driveways, Curbs, Steps, Patios, Platforms, Loading Docks, Ramps, Floors, Parking Decks, Stucco, Brick, Tile (unglazed), Limestone, Granite, Marble (unpolished), Slate and Gravestones.

CLEAR • No. 7314 • ONE U.S.GALLON / 3.79L
CLEAR • No. 8314 • FIVE U.S.GALLONS /18.92L

  • Non-toxic, Zero VOC’s, Safe for the Environment
  • Long Lasting, Deep Penetrating Bond Protects Against Mold and Mildew
  • UV Stable
  • Outperforms All Other Sealers
  • Water-Based, Odorless, Non-Flammable, Non-Combustible and Will not Burn Skin
  • Will Not Harm Pets, Plants or Livestock
  • Reduces Corrosion, Spalling and Cracks Caused by Moisture.
  • Helps Protect Against De-icing Salts and Pool Chemicals.
  • Clear Formula Will Not Discolor Surface
  • Semi-Transparent Tints Available
  • Resistant to Freeze/ Thaw Damage
  • Resistant to Salt & Chlorides
  • Non-Film Forming
  • Easy Soap & Water Clean Up


  • Seal-Once is designed to be applied over untreated concrete/masonry surfaces.
  • Smooth horizontal concrete may need to be etched to enhance penetration. Test area with water, if penetration occurs apply Seal-Once.
  • Surfaces must be sound and clean. Seal-Once will not fill voids or bridge cracks. Repair all defective concrete/masonry to structurally sound surfaces. Caulk all expansion joints, flash roofing and control joints as required.
  • Seal-Once can be applied within an hour of repair.
  • Clean all dirt, dust, oil, grease, mold and mildew, efflorescence, curing compounds, form release agents, paint and any other materials that may affect penetration.
  • Power washing with New Image Coatings™ Concrete/Masonry Cleaner will ensure proper surface preparation. After cleaning oil and grease spots, sprinkle a little water on the cleaned surface to check for contamination. If the water is quickly absorbed the surface is clean. If the water beads, oil and grease are still present. Efflorescence must be washed off with New Image Coatings Re-New Concrete.


Vertical Surfaces

  • Apply one even coat from the bottom up with a garden sprayer, brush, air assisted  or airless sprayer. Use medium spray fan pattern.
  • Apply second coat as soon as first coat has penetrated the surface (wet on damp — not wet on wet). Do not use a roller. An additional third coat may be needed on very porous surfaces.
  • Do not use if air or surface temperature is below 35°F/1.67°C.
  • Do not apply in rain or when rain is imminent.
  • For best results, apply in the evening, out of direct sunlight, at cooler temperatures.
  • When applying in direct sunlight and over hot surfaces, spray with a mist of water then apply Seal-Once immediately on dampened surface.
  • Do not use with other waterproofing products.
  • Overspray: Clean windows when Seal-Once is still wet. Brush out any puddles.

Horizontal Surfaces

  • Apply with garden sprayer, brush, air assisted or airless sprayer. Use medium spray pattern.
  • Apply second coat as soon as first coat penetrates the surface.
  • Avoid puddling or ponding; brush puddles to evenly coat surface until Seal-Once thoroughly penetrates.

Drying Time/Clean Up

Allow water to evaporate before subjecting surface to light foot traffic; 2-3 hours is sufficient, depending on temperature and humidity.

Clean equipment and brushes with warm, soapy water. Store unused product above 32°F, protect from freezing.

Safety Precautions

Contains No Toxic or Hazardous Materials
Seal-Once is a minor irritant to eyes, skin, inhalation and ingestion.

  • If splashed onto eyes, rinse with plenty of clean water for 15 minutes.
  • If inhalation irritate mucous membranes, move to fresh air.
  • If splashed onto skin, wash with soap and water.
  • If accidentally ingested, drink two glasses of water and refer to medical personnel. Do not induce vomiting.

Sanding or removal of paint containing lead may be hazardous. Call 1-800 424-LEAD for details.

Manufacturer’s responsibility is limited to the purchase price of this product.

SDS Sheet

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