Composite Wood Deck Sealer

Seal-Once™ Composite Wood Deck Sealer

Seal Once waterproofing sealer for composite woodprotects up to 10 yearsSeal-Once™ Eco-Friendly Composite Wood Decking Waterproofer is a green stain/sealer product formulated for exterior use on properly prepared, composite decking and railings. Engineered specifically to eliminate water absorption and protect against mold and mildew.

Uses: Decks, Railings, Boardwalks, Outdoor Furniture

CLEAR • No. 7914 • ONE U.S.GALLON / 3.79L
CLEAR • No. 8914 • FIVE U.S.GALLONS /18.92L

  • Non-toxic, Zero VOC’s, Safe for the Environment
  • Long Lasting, Deep Penetrating Bond Protects Against Mold & Mildew
  • For All Composite Decking Products
  • Outperforms All Other Sealers
  • UV Stable
  • Will Not Harm Pets, Plants or Livestock
  • Water-Based, Odorless, Non-Flammable, Non-Combustible and Will Not Burn Skin
  • Protects Against Mold Mildew & Moisture Absorption
  • Clear Formula Allows Composite Decking to Maintain Natural Color
  • Semi-Transparent Tints Available
  • Non-Film Forming
  • Easy Soap & Water Clean Up


All surfaces should be cleaned before sealing for best penetration and performance of a coating. Remove algae, grime or mildew with New Image Coatings™ cleaners. Sanding or removal of paint containing lead may be hazardous. Call 1-800 424-LEAD for details.


  • Do not use if air or surface temperature is below 35°F.
  • Do not apply in rain or when rain is imminent.
  • DO NOT THIN. Mix well. Stir contents or shake
    thoroughly prior to use.
  • Apply two coats wet on damp with a brush, pump-up garden sprayer, air-assisted and/or airless sprayer. Use medium to coarse spray pattern. Brush out any puddles.
  • For best results, apply in the evening, out of direct
    sunlight, and at cooler temperatures.
  • When applying in direct sunlight and composite decking
    is hot, spray with a mist of water and apply Seal-Once™ immediately on dampened surface.
  • When recoating, apply as soon as previous coat has penetrated the surface.
  • Apply to all surfaces and ends.
  • Do not use with other waterproofing products.
  • Approximate coverage: 300 square feet/gallon.
  • It is recommended that Seal-Once™ be applied to docks while on land or that you place a tarp under existing docks to catch drips or overspray.

Drying Time/Clean Up

Allow water to evaporate before subjecting surface to light foot traffic; 2-3 hours is sufficient, depending on temperature and humidity.

Clean equipment and brushes with warm, soapy water. Store unused product above 32°F, protect from freezing.

Safety Precautions

Contains No Toxic or Hazardous Materials
Seal-Once is a minor irritant to eyes, skin, inhalation and ingestion.

  • If splashed onto eyes, rinse with plenty of clean water for 15 minutes.
  • If inhalation irritate mucous membranes, move to fresh air.
  • If splashed onto skin, wash with soap and water.
  • If accidentally ingested, drink two glasses of water and refer to medical personnel. Do not induce vomiting.

Sanding or removal of paint containing lead may be hazardous. Call 1-800 424-LEAD for details, visit

Manufacturer’s responsibility is limited to the purchase price of this product.

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