Concrete and Masonry Problems Solved with Seal-Once Waterproofers

The staining industry has always faced a number of problems stemming from the use of silane/siloxane-based semi-transparent stains. Using eco-friendly Seal-Once waterbased formulas solves these problems:

  • Eliminates shelf life issues — which is usually one year for silanes/siloxanes. Seal-once has an indefinite shelf life.
  • Eliminates the requirement and labor cost for most silanes/siloxanes to cover grass and vegetation. Seal-once is non-toxic and contains no VOC’s.
  • Eliminates all safety requirements during application such as wearing protective clothing, gloves and facemask.
  • Eliminates discoloration.
  • Eliminates long curing times.
  • Eliminates waiting time to apply to green concrete and damp surfaces. Seal-once can be applied to damp surfaces and to green concrete.
  • Eliminates waiting for correct temperature. Seal-Once can be applied at 34°F.
  • Eliminates the requirement to apply various sealers to most substrates. Seal-Once can be applied to all porous unpolished substrates.
  • Eliminates weather problems associated with silanes/siloxanes due to low molecular weight, no continuous film, static surface tension and they are mono-dimensional. Seal-Once has a dynamic surface tension, deeper penetration, a high molecular weight, very durable and is a chemical bond with a ten year warranty.