Seal-Once™ 100% Poly Log and Wood Siding Sealer

logwoodPOLYcan1gSeal-Once™ Poly Wood 100% Polyurethane  is a single component, water-based aliphatic polyurethane. With an elongation of 210%, Seal-Once Poly is a low viscosity, low sheen sealer. Polyurethanes are the most popular sealer choice and Seal-Once Poly is the environmental choice of urethane sealers. Harder and more durable than acrylics and alkyds. Seal-Once Poly has excellent adhesion with UV absorber, is fast drying, low VOC’s and is not toxic. Seal-Once Poly is the optimum sealer for a beautiful, durable, long lasting appearance, with just two coats. Seal-Once Poly is UV stable which defines the effects of UV light on the polymer.

Uses: Wood Siding, Logs, Log Homes, Wood Trim, Wood Floors, Shakes, Shingles, Outdoor Furniture, Garage Doors etc.

SATIN • No. SOP-610Q • 32 FL OZ (1 US QT) 946mL
SATIN • No. SOP-610G • ONE U.S.GALLON / 3.79L
LOW GLOSS • No. SOP-620Q • 32 FL OZ (1 US QT) 946mL

4 oz sample bottles of the Poly Log & Wood Siding Satin and Poly Log & Wood Siding Low Gloss are available for purchase.

  • Water based, Slight Odor
  • Non-flammable, Non-combustible
  • Will Not Burn Skin
  • Not Harmful to Humans, Pets, Plants or Livestock
  • Non Yellowing Colorless Finish
  • Easy to Clean
  • Superior Long Lasting Protection
  • For All Exterior & Interior Wood Surfaces
  • Tintable Low Gloss or Satin Finishes
  • Superior UV Stability Compared to Alkyd and Acrylic Coatings
  • Apply Seal Ends Once™ to Cut Ends
  • Single component-neutral color
  • Provides excellent adhesion
  • UV Absorber
  • Fast drying
  • VOC <2gm/l, Not Toxic
  • Solvent water
  • One or Two Coats
  • Easy Soap & Water Clean Up
Surface must be clean, free of dirt, dust, mold/mildew stains, sealers and any surface contamination. Seal-Once™ All Wood Cleaner is an excellent choice to prep new wood surfaces prior to applying Seal-Once Poly. The All Wood Cleaner will remove mill scale, mold/mildew stains and or weathering on uncoated wood. Follow instructions on the container. Occasionally heavily soiled areas may require a repeat application. Pressure washing is best when applying our All Wood Cleaner. Fill all joints, cracks and nail holes with a high quality polyurethane or acrylic caulk/filler and let cure prior to applying Seal-Once Poly. On previously coated wood from a leading manufacturer for Log & Siding translucent alkyd satin finish, a light sanding is necessary, or removal. Seal-Once Poly would be a replacement for most maintenance sealers. If sanding is required, pressure wash the wood to remove the sawdust not just vacuum. (Sanding or removal of paint containing lead may be hazardous. Call 1-800-424-LEAD for details, visit www.epa.gov/lead.)
• Mix with a stirring stick or paint shaker for one minute. Brushing and Rolling:
  • Seal-Once Poly can be applied with a brush, roller, airless or air assisted sprayer. If rolling use a 3/8" nap roller cover and work out of 5 gallon bucket or roller pan using the dip and roll method. The correct nap size varies due to surface texture. Apply two coats. When brushing apply a liberal coat and maintain a wet edge to prevent lap marks. Brush in the direction of the wood grain starting at one end of the board or log and continuing to the other end of the board or log. Apply from the bottom up to prevent streaks on the surface below. Seal-Once Poly does not require moisture to cure.
  • Seal all log ends and boards with Seal Ends Once™ high solids end sealer. Seal-Once Poly can be applied on green logs and borate treated logs. To add a semi transparent tint we recommend applying two coats of Seal-Once fortified with polyurethane and one of our stain colors. The wood would have a matte finish. An additional option would be to apply one or two coats of low gloss or satin Seal-Once Poly Log & Siding.
Airless Spraying: Mask all areas requiring protection. Tip size must be approximately .017" - 019" with a 65-degree fan. Maintain a wet edge between passes. Apply when surface temperatures are between 40°F / 4.44°C and 90°F / 32.22°C. Recommended Coverage: Dependent on porosity of substrate, two coats of 4 to 5 mils wet per coat will yield approximately 4 mils dry film thickness. Theoretical coverage for two coats is approximately 178 Sq. Ft. per gallon. Apply thin and remove puddles.


First coat usually dries within one to two hours if not sooner depending on temperature and humidity. Do not apply in rain or if rain is imminent.

Apply second coat no more than 4-6 hours after first coat, or sanding will be required with 220 grit sandpaper. Maximum cure 7 days.


Clean equipment and brushes with warm, soapy water. Store unused product above 32°F, protect from freezing. Shelf life 12 to 18 months.


Remove dirt, grime, airborne black mold stains with our All Wood Cleaner and a pressure washer.

NOTE: Tannin containing woods such as redwood, red cedar, mahogany, Douglas fir, etc. contain tannic acid which tends to migrate to the surface and discolor the stain, especially noticeable when using light colors. The discoloration is not harmful and can usually be removed with appropriate cleaner.

Contains No Hazardous Materials and is not toxic. Seal-Once is a minor irritant to eyes, skin, inhalation and ingestion.
  • If splashed onto eyes, rinse with plenty of clean water for 15 minutes.
  • If inhalation irritate mucous membranes, move to fresh air.
  • If splashed onto skin, wash with soap and water.
  • If accidentally ingested, drink two glasses of water and refer to medical personnel. Do not induce vomiting.
Sanding or removal of paint containing lead may be hazardous. Call 1-800 424-LEAD for details, visit www.epa.gov/lead. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. Manufacturer’s responsibility is limited to the purchase price of this product.
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Use the following link to download/view the Adobe Acrobat PDF for